A New York driver’s school and school bus operators have been fired after a video surfaced online of a confrontation between the drivers and a student.

In the video, the driver is seen walking past the students in the school bus and then asking them to stop and talk to him.

The students respond by kicking the driver.

The driver then yells at them to get off the bus and threatens to arrest them if they don’t stop.

In response, one of the drivers, an 18-year-old student, steps in and tries to calm the situation.

She is seen shoving the driver several times before the driver punches her in the face.

The driver then leaves the bus.

In a statement, the drivers said the school was not aware of the incident until the video was posted online.

“We’re shocked and appalled by the actions of one of our students.

We want to make clear that these students have nothing to do with this.

The school is fully cooperating with the police on this matter and we will fully cooperate with them,” the statement said.