OKLAHOMA CITY—With all the hoopla surrounding the driving school that Greg Smith is running, it’s easy to forget the man who is actually driving the school.

Smith has been driving a car for more than 20 years and has worked as a private instructor for nearly half of that time.

As a driver himself, Smith knows a thing or two about driving, having taught more than 30 drivers over the years.

But what he has never been able to fully explain to the public is the depth of his passion for driving.

As I sat down with Smith at his home, he was in full-blown shock over the news of his impending departure.

“When I first came to Oklahoma, I was pretty excited, but I never imagined I would be a part of driving school,” Smith said.

“I’m very proud of the people I’ve taught over the last 10 years.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a number of very talented people.

And the driving that I’ve done, and I’ve loved driving, is not what I want to be called as a driving instructor.” “

Driving is a very personal, human, emotional thing.

And the driving that I’ve done, and I’ve loved driving, is not what I want to be called as a driving instructor.”

Smith explained that in his experience, most instructors focus on driving and teaching their students how to get there, rather than the actual driving itself.

“There’s so much to the driving process that’s not about driving.

And I think that’s where most people don’t really understand what driving is, because they think of it as just driving,” he said.

Smith’s motivation for starting the driving academy is twofold.

“Drivers need to be able to get to work and work and have fun.

Driving has to be enjoyable, and when I was growing up, we were all taught that driving is fun.

I want the kids to know they can have fun in this profession.”

Smith said that the idea for the school came to him after he got a phone call from a woman who had driven in a race and wanted to know if he could teach her how to do it again.

Smith quickly learned that she had an understanding of the profession.

“That’s when I started thinking, ‘Well, if I can teach people how to drive, I can help them become better drivers.

And that’s why I’m here.’

I wanted to start teaching people the way I’ve learned and taught people for 20 years.”

He started the school with the goal of making driving more fun.

“The kids are really happy to learn,” he told me.

“They are looking forward to it, and they have fun.”

After a few months, Smith says that the students who attend his driving school are more engaged than ever.

“It’s definitely a good thing to see the students get excited and excited about driving,” Smith told me with a smile.

I asked him about the reasons why driving has become so popular.

“You know, people love driving, and so many people love cars.

So we wanted to create a class that could be accessible to all ages and to be fun for everyone,” he explained.

“And so we’ve brought a lot of our own students, and we’re bringing people in from different states, all different walks of life, all ages.

And so we think it’s a good combination.”

I asked Smith what he makes of his first day on the job.

“He’s very confident,” he replied.

“We got him in a lot easier than I expected.

He’s really excited.

I think he’s excited to be here.

And he’s a very good person to have on the team.

I can tell you right now, he’s extremely motivated to make sure that we get this program going.”