A driver who wants to be able to test their driving skills ahead of a big test like the Indianapolis 500 might want to get a license or two before the year is out.

Driving school is a hot topic, especially in Indiana, where school bus drivers and other drivers are being taught to read and drive.

And while the idea of driving a car is cool and the concept is new, it is actually pretty common in Indiana.

The driving school curriculum was created in the 1970s, with a focus on safety, including the safety of the student and teacher, said Dr. Robert Schmitz, a driving instructor and driving instructor for the school bus program at the University of Notre Dame.

It has grown over the years, he said, but has become more popular in recent years.

It’s important that they are learning the fundamentals and being able to work with the learner, so to speak.

So the next step, it’s important they have a learner’s permit, so they can get out and do what they do.

So they need to have some kind of driving knowledge.

And that’s where they should have a license.

It is important, of course, that they know how to drive.

It’s a very basic thing, but it’s a part of the learning process, Schmitk said.

And if the learnener can do the basics, they’re good to go.

But what about someone who’s learning to drive for the first time and wants to get their driver’s license?

Well, in Indiana and elsewhere, you can apply for a learners license if you have a good reason to be a driver, Schmeltz said.

If you’re a student, that can be a good time to get your learner license.

If you’re an adult, the learners permit process is the same as the license.

You apply, they get a permit, they test you, you drive and pass the test.

So it’s the same process.