The Driving School of Miami, a driving school that teaches drivers and provides education and support to them, is opening a new facility in Miami, Florida, with a goal of providing a “driver education experience” to people who have never driven before.

The company, which was founded in 2018, said that its first Miami facility is a two-year-old, 100-seat classroom facility that features an advanced driving course and an interactive interactive driver training program that teaches the drivers the ins and outs of driving in the real world.

The company said that the company’s mission is to provide a vehicle safety education program to help educate new drivers about their rights and responsibilities in the car.

The curriculum includes a video course that shows how to read the road signs and navigate a traffic jam.

It said that it also has a “real-world simulator” that allows the students to practice their driving skills while in a vehicle.

The students are also encouraged to drive to work or school and to have a look around to make sure the students are safe.

The driving school will be located in the historic downtown Miami International Airport, which is already a hub for commercial air travel and a destination for many international trips.

The airport’s proximity to the international airport has helped drive up traffic and the number of planes that land there every day.