What does it mean when we talk about “the car,” and “cars,” and even “car owners”?

And why does everyone hate them?

These are the questions that arise from the many responses that have been posted to the subreddit r/all lately, and it’s clear that the sentiment has grown as people are becoming more aware of the car and its place in our lives.

The subreddit’s most popular post so far is a video posted by user rusheen, titled “Why does the car hurt my knee?”, which describes her experience with a knee injury from a car accident, and how she feels that it’s her fault for not being able to get out of the vehicle.

It was the first video to feature her in the car, and while it was initially intended as a comedic video, it’s since gained a larger following.

The response to the video, which received over 5,300 comments in less than 24 hours, has been nothing short of remarkable.

While the comments may be a bit light, the amount of people sharing their stories has been staggering.

The majority of comments were positive, while some are even saying that the car itself is “good for us.”

The Reddit community seems to be more accepting of the cars in their lives, and there’s no reason to think that their opinions will change anytime soon.

As for why they hate cars, there’s definitely a certain amount of common ground between many of the comments.

The main criticism that has been lobbed at cars is that they’re too loud, and that they drive us insane.

“They make us feel so much safer that we have to put up with them,” Reddit user kyra123 wrote in one comment.

“It feels like a huge burden.”

While some commenters say that they hate the sound of their car because it’s distracting them from their job, others are saying that it just makes them feel more vulnerable.

Others are calling out cars as “a vehicle for destruction,” which is a sentiment that’s been met with many positive responses.

Many commenters also have their own personal story about a car-related injury, and they’re not happy with the way that the vehicle has made them feel about themselves.

“The thought of walking into a car and being crushed by a car, I feel like I am a zombie.

It is a horrible experience,” Reddit commenter ajefferson wrote.

“I feel like the car is my enemy.

It’s like the most frightening thing that I could possibly be in.”

While it’s easy to see why people hate cars so much, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they should become the dominant culture of our lives—at least not yet.

In fact, it could be argued that cars are a natural part of our modern lives, with millions of cars already on the road each year.

There are still plenty of cars that don’t have the most modern safety features, and even more that are still plagued by safety issues.

So while there’s a general feeling that cars don’t belong in our society, it seems that there are some people who are ready to embrace them for the sake of our overall safety.

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