The best Australian driving school has closed its doors.

The Hobart-based Driving School Network announced on Friday that the Hobart Driving School, which had been open for three years, would be closing in February 2019.

The group said it would continue to provide the training and instruction required to help people become successful drivers.

“It is important to understand that we are working with a very large number of students and we would not be able to support all of them.”

There is always a need for new people to be taught, and we know that some students are not prepared to start their driving school training at this time.

“The driving school was one of the largest in the world, with students attending more than 500 courses across the country.

Hobart’s School of Automotive Engineering is the country’s largest driving school.

Its graduates were selected to work for the state government in the fields of manufacturing, automotive repair and transport.

The company, which has about 30 staff, had previously operated a training academy for young people in Victoria.

The school closed in October 2017, just before it closed for good.

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