NEWCASTLE-SOUTHWEST New South Wales students are to start a new phase of their school driving programme, starting with a driver’s licence test.

The new test will see the first students pass a two-hour driving test on the streets and at the wheel of their own vehicle in the middle of the month.

Key points:The NSW Government says a new driving test will be administered on the roads of the state in AugustThe Government says the new test, to be administered in August, will be conducted by a driving school that is currently in the process of moving to a new site in Newcastle-under-LyndenMr Morrison said the government was also making further investments in driving, including the construction of more than 100 new kilometres of new roads and the introduction of an innovative system of self-driving test tracks.

The Government said the test would be administered by a driver education program that was currently in place in New Zealand.

“The new testing program will test students on their ability to drive safely and competently on the road, with the potential for driving lessons in the next two years,” Mr Morrison said.

“Our goal is to have the driving test available in 2018, and we will provide more information on that in due course.”

The test will involve a 20-minute drive through the city, from the main city centre to a shopping centre.

The program will also be administered online, and students will be able to complete the test on their mobile devices.

Students from secondary schools, and anyone who wishes to take the test online, will need to bring their school’s driving licence with them to the test site.

New South Wales Government says it will offer the test at the same time as the new driver licensing system, which will be introduced by the end of 2018.

“We will be making sure that the driving tests that we administer through the new system, will apply equally to all schools, regardless of the size of the school,” Mr Morrrison said.

The NSW Education Minister, Tom Koutsantonis, said the NSW Government had invested $300 million in new road infrastructure in NSW, and would also be investing $2 billion in roads in other parts of the country.

“This new system is designed to be the most secure way of administering the driving licence, it is the best way of doing it for NSW students and it will allow the government to invest in the safety and wellbeing of all of our students,” Mr Koutsampitonis said.

Mr Morrison announced a range of other measures to make driving safer, including an expanded range of testing equipment and a new system of test tracks for children aged under 18.

“While we are pleased that the NSW government is investing $300m into our roads, the funding will be used to make sure we have a safe, secure and efficient driving education system,” he said.

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