Driving school in Australia is in the midst of closure.

The Association of Driving School Directors (ADSD) is calling for a halt to the closure and for the school to be reopened.

The decision was made in response to community concerns, with many concerned about the impact of a major road closure on the lives of school children.

“The ADSD is committed to supporting the ADSD’s efforts to ensure the safe operation of our school,” the AD SD said in a statement.”ADSD’s current plan is to reopen our school on May 31st 2018 and reopen as a fully-fledged driving school on September 10th 2018.”

It is disappointing that the ADsd’s current plans have been put on hold for now and we believe that it is in our best interests to continue working towards a full and fair closure.”ADSD said it was in the early stages of negotiating with the Department of Transport (DOT) over the cost of the road closure, and would be seeking an extension of the contract to a longer term.”

This is an important step towards the long-term solution to the road closures and the ADSS is working to achieve this objective,” the statement said.”

We understand the ADS’s concerns, and appreciate their concerns are genuine.

ADSD has been committed to working with the DOT to resolve the road delays and is committed for the long term.

“In a statement, DOT said it had received no notification of the closure, nor had it received any notification from the ADPDs management about the school’s plans.”

When DOT received notification from ADSD it took immediate action, and immediately notified the AD PDs management of this situation.

DOT has taken steps to identify and mitigate any impact on school children, and we are confident the ADWDs management is taking the appropriate action.”DOT said it understood that the closure was a serious issue for many drivers and had been working with ADSD to address the issue.”DOT is committed in our efforts to support ADSD in this process,” the DOT said.

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