Triads driving school is the quintessential Texan rite of passage.

But why is it still so common?

Is it simply because of its popularity among the Texan conservative population?

Is triad-driving a rite of purification, or is it simply a way to get people to look past the obvious?

We asked these questions in an interview with driving school instructor and driver training instructor, James R. Lantz, who runs the Texas Driving School.

He said the driving school has a tradition of teaching the “triad” to its students.

But, he said, the “Triad” is not just a set of skills, but also a set and structure for what you learn.

“What is the triad?” he asked.

“Is it the way you drive?

Is that the way your mind works?

Is there a specific way you can learn to drive?

You can drive as a driver, but then you learn that you can do other things, you can go out on a road trip, you’re going to learn other things.”

Lantz explained that the triads driving lesson is more than a series of lessons.

It’s a way of learning, in the same way that learning to dance or to sing is a way that we can learn new music.

The driving school in the Lone Star State has seen a dramatic growth in popularity in recent years.

More than 1,200 students are enrolled in the driving schools each year.

Most of them are drivers, though some students also work as mechanics, and a few have gone to college.

In the past few years, however, there has been a significant increase in the number of triad students who are also students at Texas schools.

In fact, the driving program has seen an increase of nearly 5 percent since 2010.

According to Lantz and his staff, there are two main reasons for the trend: the availability of driving courses, and the growing popularity of driving lessons.

According Lantz: “There is a lot of competition out there.

We have a lot more students than we used to, and we’re seeing an increase in that.”

He added that in the past five years, there have been more than 3,000 student-led driving school events across the state.

“It’s almost impossible for us to find a classroom with a sufficient number of students, and there are so many events that have taken place, it’s very hard to find space.”

There are also increased demands for a driver to have a degree, so the driving curriculum needs to be updated to meet those needs.

“The driving program is changing, and I think the requirements have been adjusted,” he said.

“Our focus has been on teaching the drivers the basics of the car and how to safely operate the car, but the demands are changing.

There is more of an emphasis on the student learning process.

It is the driving education.”

The driving schools have also been on a mission to get more students to enroll in the program.

“We want to help them become successful,” Lantz said.

“You can’t drive if you don’t have a driver’s license, so our goal is to get a lot better at what we’re teaching them, so that they can become licensed drivers.”

In addition to the drive school’s emphasis on student learning, Lantz added that the school also teaches driving skills to the public, through its website and at the driving classes.

“Our goal is for our students to become a better driver and a better citizen,” he explained.

“I want them to get out there and learn to be safe drivers.

The school does a lot for the public.”

Lamps are placed around the students’ vehicles, to help students visualize what they are driving and how they are supposed to react in an emergency situation.

A teacher also instructs students on how to apply the lessons to their own life.

“I think the driving lessons are really important because it helps them become safe drivers, and it’s a good way for the students to learn how to be responsible and have a good driving record,” Lamps said.

In addition, there is a “trail to higher education” component to the program, which Lantz believes is critical to getting students to get into college.

“College is really important,” he added.

“If you’re a high school student, or if you’re starting out, it is important to get your high school diploma.

There are a lot fewer opportunities in college now.”

The Texas Driving school is a one-stop shop for all Texas drivers and their needs.

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