Driving a motorcycle is safe, but it’s also dangerous.

That’s the message that’s being delivered to more than 30,000 roadmasters in the United States, most of them under the age of 25.

But this isn’t a race, says Anthony Bocce, an assistant professor of public health and preventive medicine at Harvard Medical School.

The problem is not the rider.

It’s the motorcyclist.

“The roadmaster is the one who is doing all the driving, so if you’re riding a motorcycle and you’re not the one driving, then it’s actually a very dangerous situation,” Bocces told BBC News.

“We see people being killed by motorcyclists on roads all the time, in car accidents, on bridges and in the back of trucks.”

There are no laws on the books that prohibit riding a motorcycle on roads, so we don’t know how much of an impact it’s having.

“If you’re a teenager riding your motorcycle and not driving, you are not committing a crime, but you are contributing to a dangerous situation.”

In California, where the school is based, motorcycle use is restricted to drivers 18 and older.

“In California the law doesn’t prohibit driving a motorcyclar or a motorcycle.

It allows drivers of motorcyclers and motorcyclary riders to ride, but does not require them to ride with other people,” said Dr. William Schumacher, the school’s principal.

The US Department of Transportation has issued guidelines to encourage roadmasters to wear helmets, a move that has been welcomed by the motorcycle industry.

“I have not heard a lot of positive feedback from the community, so I am hoping to address the feedback that has come in and take some constructive criticism from the public and take a look at the feedback,” Boche said.

Bocces says the roadmaster community is not alone in its worries about the risk of riding a bicycle in traffic.

The number of people killed in road accidents has doubled in the last 20 years.

In the last 30 years, the number of motor vehicle deaths has also doubled, from about 3,500 to over 5,000, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“A lot of these deaths are caused by people who are riding a bike in the street, not driving a car,” Bococce said.

“You can’t just have a bunch of kids riding bikes all day.

They need to be supervised by a person on a bicycle.”

The school in Los Angeles is just one of many in the US that has adopted policies to discourage motorcyclism, but Boccers fears that the trend is not going away.

“When you think about this trend, you see it’s a real trend.

People are not going to stop riding bikes,” he said. 

Bocce says roadmasters have become a “national problem” because they are seen as a safety risk, and that “they are perceived as dangerous”.

He added that there is a growing awareness among the public that the risks associated with riding a road motorcycle are real.

“People think that a motorist is driving a motorcycle, and if you look at their license plate it says ‘roadmaster’ and if someone does something like that you think that person is driving,” he explained.

“It’s really important for people to be aware of the danger, but they’re also being encouraged to ride their bikes.”

Boccers worries about roadmasters becoming a “dangerous community”The US Centers for Diseases Control and Preventative Health has warned of the dangers of the use of road motorcycles.

The agency said the increase in motor vehicle crashes, deaths and injuries due to motorcyclics is the result of “increasingly aggressive and reckless behavior by individuals who are unaware of the potential for harm”.

The agency warned that motorcycle riders and drivers are driving at unsafe speeds, and they can be dangerous to others.

“Motorcyclists may be seen as ‘dangerous’ drivers who may be riding recklessly in cities, towns and on the highway.

Roadmasters and motor vehicle operators are not drivers and can be seriously injured or killed if they are not adequately supervised,” the agency said in a statement.