— It’s been about six months since Broomfields driving school in Kentucky began training new drivers.

The class of about 1,500 has grown to include many new faces.

But now, new instructors and a few veterans have joined the team.

“This is our first time ever having to drive a car,” said Joe Hester, a retired police officer who has been teaching at the school for about two years.

He’s driving with the help of a certified instructor.

This new instructor, he said, “is a real veteran.

I don’t know how many times I’ve had to use his service.”

The school has hired two new instructors, one of them has driven for the school and the other is in the process of driving a car.

Joe Hester is the first of the new instructors to be certified.

The first to be qualified was a retired officer.

He has driven Broom’s driving school for a year.

There are two classes, one is a certified driver, one a professional driver, and one a first-time instructor.

It’s a new concept.

It was a big change to the program, said Kevin Covington, director of operations for Broomfords.

It was also a huge change to our business.

I was not expecting it to be this large and it’s going a long way, said Joe Covingtons dad.

Broomfield’s driving program has been growing in popularity for about three years, but the hiring of new instructors has helped the school become the first to offer certified driving, the same certification that a professional driving school would require.

If you have any questions about Broom and driving schools, contact Broom-field Police Department at 740-863-5060.