Posted February 05, 2019 06:09:03 A bee-driving school in Ontario has found itself in hot water after a video surfaced of a driver in a minivan driving around in front of the bees.

The video, posted on YouTube on Wednesday, shows the minivan being driven by a man in a green hat.

The driver was then seen driving around a classroom with a group of bees in tow.

The bee-toting school has been named the Honey Bee Driving School and its students are the bees’ instructors.

The school, in the town of Barbers, Ont., has been accredited by the Ontario Beekeepers Association and has been on the receiving end of a backlash from bee-lovers, many of whom are upset about the video.

“It’s really shocking,” said Chris Burdge, a beekeeper and instructor at the school.

“It’s completely disrespectful to the bees and it’s also really insulting to beekeepers, and I guess the kids as well.”

Bee-keeping is the practice of raising bees for food and for pollination.

Burdges wife, Julie, is a beekeeping teacher.

“We’re really proud of the school, they’ve really stepped up and done a great job,” Burdes said.

The Beekeepers Union of Canada is also angry with the bee-hating driver.

“The school’s got a reputation for being a little bit of a joke, and it certainly is,” said the union’s executive director, Kevin Taylor.

“We have to ask ourselves why are they making a big deal out of it?”

The Beekeeper Association of Canada says the school has become a hit among bee-keeping students in the province.

“I think it’s really exciting for beekeeping students to have a bee school and have the opportunity to learn about the bees,” said Dave Johnson, the association’s senior vice-president.

Johnson said he hopes the school will be a stepping stone for other bee-friendly schools.

“If you want to be a bee-keeper, you need to have some sort of bee education,” he said.

Bikes, cars and motorcycles have also been banned from the school because of the video, but the bees will continue to be the school’s main source of instruction.

“Bee-hacking is a hobby for people who love bees,” Johnson said.

“Bikes are not safe for bees and a lot of people think they are.”

The bee school is not the only bee-related activity the school is offering.

The bee-killing game, called “The Honey Bee Shooting Game”, is also available for players to play.