Launching in the Sydney suburb of Darlinghurst on Thursday, a Chinese-language driving school has attracted international attention and some controversy, including an allegation of rape by a former student.

The “driving school” at the Darlinghurst Driving School in Sydney has been in operation since January and it has attracted national and international attention as the latest example of the Chinese-dominated industry in Australia, and the “driving industry” in general, to become an issue in Australia.

“We are in the process of opening an office in the United States and a second in Australia,” the company’s director Zhang Zhen told reporters.

The director also said the school would expand to the Melbourne area in 2018, with plans to eventually expand to Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, with more openings in the future.

Zhang, a former employee of the driving school at the time of the allegations, said he had been suspended by the company after the allegations against him came to light.

“It was a very bad experience,” Zhang said.

“The company had made a mistake and they apologised and promised to work harder to do better.”

But it’s still not good enough.

“He also claimed that the company had “no control” over its recruitment process.”

I was not involved in recruiting, so I’m not sure if this is my fault or not,” he said.

Zheng, a native of Fujian province, said the company wanted to attract a large number of students and had a number of recruiting partners.”

Many of the partners are overseas, and many of them have to pay their fees,” Zhang told reporters, adding that he was also considering going back to China.”

There’s a lot of pressure on recruitment and management, but I think I can make a lot more progress,” he added.

The Australian government has been accused of discriminating against Asian drivers, after the US and UK introduced quotas for overseas students.”

When you talk about quotas, we are not talking about quotas for foreign students, we’re talking about foreign students who come to Australia to study,” Assistant Minister for the Status of Women, Sarah Hanson-Young, told ABC Radio on Wednesday.”

So if you’re coming here to study, if you can’t make a living here, why are you going to the United Kingdom?

Why are you coming to the US?

Why do you want to come to Canada?””

It’s quite shocking and quite scary to think that you could be discriminated against on the basis of your race.”‘

It’s too early’A spokesperson for the Chinese embassy in Australia said it was not aware of the latest allegations, and would not comment further.”

The school’s director, Zhang, said that while there were “no hard feelings” about the allegations in the UK, there were some issues with recruitment.””

We will continue to monitor the situation closely.”

The school’s director, Zhang, said that while there were “no hard feelings” about the allegations in the UK, there were some issues with recruitment.

“Some of the recruitment is done online, some of it is done in person,” Zhang explained.

“In terms of recruitment, it’s too soon to say if this has affected the school.”

“We will work with our partners to develop better recruitment processes and ensure that the school continues to attract talented and committed students,” he told reporters at the school.’

No doubt’The director of the school, Wang Zhang, told the ABC that the recruitment process was not a problem in Australia and that it was an issue of recruiting quality and diversity, but also “the whole system”.

“We’re just an Asian driving school in Sydney,” he explained.

He said he was aware of a number “problematic” incidents involving the school and that “it’s a problem that we can’t solve” in Australia “but we have to solve it.”

“In the future, we’ll be able to make better recruitment decisions, so we’ll continue to look for better ways to recruit,” he warned.

“As for recruitment, we have no doubt that we’re going to improve our recruitment process, but we’ll do it through good work, through good education, through great teachers.”