Driving school graduates will take part in the National Driving School’s Driving Week in the heart of Sydney on Friday.

The first 100 drivers will take the bus to the new driving school and then will be taken to a local park and ride to learn the basics of driving.

The school will also have a “driving test” for those aged 17-25.

This is the first time the National Drive School has operated since a national curriculum was introduced in 2019.

The drive week is expected to attract over 40,000 people to the area.

There will also be a “road show” for school kids, where students can experience some of the local roads, including the Great Ocean Road.

This will be the first road trip for the school’s new students.

The National Drive Schools first driver will be a school-leaver from a local community.

“The National Drive schools is a unique initiative to give the new generation of young drivers a solid grounding in the skills and knowledge required to make it as an elite driver in their community,” Dr Tania Chappell said.

The new driving skills test will be run at the drive school and the school will use a “drive test kit” to ensure it can run at full speed on all roads in Sydney, including its own.

“It’s great to see the enthusiasm around this new school initiative and we’re excited about our students being able to get a hands-on experience of driving,” she said.

“We’re also keen to see what the reaction is to the road show, and we’ve already had some great feedback from our young drivers.”

There’s also a new test we’re working on for those who want to become part of the National Road School driving school team, which will involve the drivers getting behind the wheel of a vehicle and then driving through some of our city’s new roadworks.

“More to come.