Rusty, the former head of a driving school and certified driving school in New Zealand, has just returned to his home town to teach a lesson to the young. 

The young driver, who’s now 28, is taking a test to get his licence in the UK. 

He’s currently in his mid-20s, and was a keen amateur cyclist in the 1990s.

Rusty told me he’s not interested in taking up the challenge of becoming a professional motorcyclist.

Rusty, an avid cyclist, would be better off spending his time in the countryside with his wife and son, who are currently living in the United States.

Rusty has been training with a motorcycle club in the US and is currently doing his own research to find a better road to ride on. 

I first met Rusty at a motorcycle rally in California, in 2003. 

It was during that event, when I was a teenager, that Rusty first began to understand the joys and pitfalls of riding a motorcycle. 

“I went out for the first time to go to a motorcycle race, and my brother and I got to go on our first motorcycle ride.

I’m just a regular, ordinary guy who’s doing his job and getting paid to do it,” he said.

“I think it’s great that you can get involved and take part in something that’s fun, but it’s really not for everybody.”

A young rider takes part in a rally at a local race track.

The road to riding a road bike Rusty said the experience of riding on rusty roads was “really enjoyable”. 

“You get a lot of confidence in a new bike, which makes it a lot easier to learn,” he added.

Rusty said he learned to ride the road bike because he liked the experience.

He says that the first ride was “pretty rough” and the second ride was easier.

“[The first ride] was definitely more rough and I had to learn to drive properly,” he says.

“It was probably the hardest ride of my life, but I’m happy with the result.”

Rusties bike was fitted with a high-speed gear and he says he learnt how to use the bike’s hydraulic system to get around the track.

Rusty said he enjoyed the experience and had a “really good time” riding on the road.

Rusty, who is now married, was the driver for a number of years before deciding to switch to a road motorcycle.

He is currently riding on a road-based road bike in his home city of New Zealand.

Rustys first road-bike was an old, rusty bike.

After spending time with his family and learning to ride, Rusty decided to switch gears to a more modern bike.

“I wanted to do a road course, so I had this bike, and I went out to the track and rode on the track,” he explained.

As he drove through the countryside, Rusty says he got the feeling that it was the best way to go, “because the roads were the best”.

Rusty says that when he’s on a motorbike, “you get that sense of, ‘I’m going somewhere’.” “If you’re going on a motorcycle and you’re just riding along in the distance, then you’re not really getting any sense of what it’s like,” he continued.

This is a road road road, which is the type of riding Rusty enjoys.

Rusty taught his wife about the new bike.

Rusty says the road course has changed his life.

Rusty had a long road road to go.

Rusty and his wife have a four-year-old son.

It was a long journey for Rusty and his wife to learn the ropes of riding.

Rusty also said that it took him “quite a while” to get the hang of the new motorcycle. Rusty was on the road for eight months and he still has no idea how he got on it.

Rusty’s wife said it was “probably” his best motorcycle ride of his life and he has never felt better about riding.

 Rusty has taken to the road in the past for a range of different rides, including a two-week journey to a bike shop to get a new chain.

In the past year, Rusty has ridden more than 50,000 kilometres on the motorbike and is looking forward to his next adventure.

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