Driving school graduates have been warned they could face a lifetime of legal restrictions as a result of the government’s controversial new rules on driving.

The new laws will see any driver who is under 18 for any reason banned from driving for 12 months, but the rules were widely criticized by parents, schoolgirls and other young people.

The restrictions are aimed at helping prevent young people from driving and are expected to reduce teen deaths.

Under the new law, drivers who are 17 or 18 and hold a learner’s permit will have to pass a road test before they can apply for a learnger’s permit.

The rules are also being considered by other countries.

The UK will require drivers to pass at least three driving tests before applying for a licence, and France will require a driver to pass two tests.

The law will apply to drivers who have at least two driving licences, a British Transport Police officer told CNN.

It does not apply to those who hold a driver’s licence.CNN’s Lauren Pfeiffer and Paul D’Emilio contributed to this report.