The Queensland government is considering putting a white man behind the wheel of a driving school to teach Aboriginal students about driving skills.

Key points:The Queensland Government is considering a white driver behind the wheels of a driver education driving school after an investigation by the ABC revealed the school was a racist breeding ground for racism and discriminationThe school was closed in March, and a white former teacher is now teaching Aboriginal studentsThe former teacher said the white driver was also teaching about the history of racism in Australia and the role of Aboriginal people in the country.

“We need to do something about that.

It’s not good enough that we have a white person driving, we need to have a Aboriginal person driving as well,” Dr Peter Wright said.”

And that’s something that the school needs to be aware of.”

The ABC has obtained a letter written by Dr Wright to the Queensland Government in July last year in which he said the school’s former teacher had not received training in driving skills and the school did not have any Aboriginal staff in the driving school.

“As a result of this, I believe that the driving lessons at the school have not been delivered to all the students,” Dr Wright wrote.

“The students, with the exception of a few Aboriginal students, have been taught by an Aboriginal driver.”‘

We’re not good at it’The Queensland government’s decision to close the driving academy in March has led to concerns about whether the state’s driver education system was racist and discriminatory.

A spokesperson for the Queensland Education Department said the Queensland Driving School was one of the three driving schools in the state.

“Queensland is a multicultural state and has a very diverse and multicultural workforce, with many people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds, including many teachers,” the spokesperson said.

But Dr Wright said he believed the school had “a significant amount of problems” in the teaching profession.

“I think they have a lot of people who are racist, that are anti-Aboriginal, that aren’t good at driving, that don’t have Aboriginal people driving, and that’s not right,” Dr William said.

Dr Wright said the driving training was being taught by the white man who had a history of discrimination in the industry.

“It’s quite hard for the students to do the driving, because the driver instructor is a white Australian who’s been working in the car industry for a number of years,” he said.”[The driver instructor] has a lot more experience than I do.

They have a history with the white people who run the car company.”

Dr Wright has also spoken out about the racism in the training industry.

He said the lack of Aboriginal drivers in the classroom was concerning.

“There are people in Queensland driving schools who are Aboriginal and they’re teaching a course, but they’re not driving the car,” he told the ABC.

“They’re driving the school bus.

So that’s the issue, is the school is just a black spot for a racist society.”

Dr William said he wanted the Queensland government to take action to address the racism at the driving schools.

“That’s the problem with the current government.

I’ve got a problem with that,” he argued.”

This is a racist country, that’s what it is.”

Dr Michael Williams, the Queensland Chief Executive Officer for the Aboriginal and Northern Territory Government, said there were problems with the training of drivers and the driving industry in Queensland.

“Unfortunately, our driving school has a history that is problematic, and we need a national response to address that,” Dr Williams said.