— Apple, Google and Microsoft are offering free drive through services for their respective streaming apps to schools across the country this fall, but the move isn’t necessarily for students in the country where Apple’s iBooks e-reader and Google’s Android tablet marketplaces are the dominant players.

“It’s not just for students, it’s for everyone,” Apple’s Head of Digital Publishing and Publishing said Tuesday.

“It’s something we believe is a good way to connect and encourage our fans to connect to us.”

The new free streaming service for Apple iBooks and Google Play apps will be available in the fall, said Apple in a blog post Tuesday.

It is designed to give students a new way to discover and use Apple’s products in a way they never have before.

“With our free streaming platform, we’re giving students a great way to experience what Apple has to offer, and we’re making it easier for them to learn how to use our apps,” Apple said in the blog post.

In addition to the free app, Apple will offer a “subscription-based paid subscription” that gives students a limited number of iBooks books and apps.

It’s also offering a special discount for students with an Apple TV.

Microsoft, meanwhile, is offering the “Free Books With Xbox app” as part of its app store for students who are eligible.

The app gives users access to a number of Microsoft products that are available for purchase in the App Store.

Microsoft says the app is “designed for those who want access to the best Microsoft digital content on the market, including the Xbox, Xbox LIVE, the Microsoft Cloud and Windows Media Center.”

Microsoft is rolling out the free e-book program to all students who enrolled in the Apple iBook e-books program in the first quarter of 2018.

Students who complete their Free Books With iTunes purchase will have access to 10% off all iBooks titles and apps, Microsoft said.

Microsoft has partnered with a number local schools and colleges to offer the service.

The company also is rolling Out a “digital gift card” that lets users receive 10% cash back on all purchases made with the app.

Students will be able to receive $10 gift cards on top of their free app purchases, Microsoft added.

“We are working with schools to provide the best possible education for our students through a variety of new services like the Free Books with Xbox app and our online bookstores,” said Microsoft’s Scott Brubaker.

Microsoft has been experimenting with the iBooks app for years.

In August 2018, it announced a partnership with the University of North Carolina, which will offer students access to more than 200 free eBooks books from the iBookstore.

Microsoft’s own online bookstore, Bookster, will also launch an e-Book app.

Apple has also experimented with the service for years, offering it to students in select schools.