BOSTON — Driving school for Boys is a new nonprofit group focused on empowering boys to become active drivers.

The organization is led by Daniel Cimino, an 18-year-old high school senior from South Carolina.

Drivers learn the ins and outs of the road by watching YouTube videos.

“The videos are fun, but we also learn about safety, the car, and the road, as well as how to navigate, communicate, and drive safely,” Ciminos mother, Lisa Cimin, said.

Cimino is the founder of the Boston Driving School.

He said the driving school offers an opportunity for young men to “connect with each other and learn from each other in an environment that is respectful of their abilities and the skills they are bringing to the table,” according to a press release.

They will get to drive cars from an early age and learn to use the vehicle’s safety systems to help them avoid crashes.

Drives and roads are the most important areas for boys, according to the Boston Institute of Technology. “

That’s why we want to start with driving, but in addition to learning about the car and driving safely, we also want to provide a safe place for our boys to develop their skills and learn about safe driving and driving as a career.”

Drives and roads are the most important areas for boys, according to the Boston Institute of Technology.

One of the things they are focused on is the safe operation of the car.

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s deputy president of education, Vojislav Pustejevic, said driving is the most dangerous part of driving.

“(Driving) is not the most comfortable part of being a driver.

It is a very dangerous job,” Pustevic said.

 “If you have a driver who is not well-versed in the safety aspects of the vehicle, and then you have someone who has a little bit of a bad attitude, you are going to end up in a very serious accident.”

So it’s very important to educate the boys that the safety is very important, and that they need to be aware of all the dangers that could happen.

“Drivers are not allowed to drive on city streets unless they are under 18.

It is mandatory that all drivers wear seat belts.

Parents and students can join the group, which has received support from Boston Mayor Marty Walsh.

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