A new video from the roadmaster Driving School in Canada has been gaining attention for its educational quality.

The clip, titled What’s The Difference Between A Car And A Motorcycle?, shows an instructor at the school telling a student to “learn to ride a bike”.

“I love it, it’s just fun, I like to ride bikes,” he said.

“You’re supposed to know how to drive a car, but the only time you drive a motorcycle is to take the kids to school.”

But he then went on to teach a group of four children about how to properly drive a bike, which is to say “learn the proper way to do it”.

The video was originally shared on YouTube by roadmasterdrivingschool.com, which later removed the clip from its site.

The video has been viewed nearly 1 million times since it was posted.

But it is not the first time the video has received attention, and the roadmasters instructor has now defended the clip, telling the ABC it was meant to teach kids “how to safely drive a vehicle”.

“It’s not to teach them how to be a motorcycle driver, it is to teach children how to safely operate a vehicle,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“When you drive, you’ve got to know the rules of the road, and you’ve gotta know how your car works, and how you’re supposed in the car to operate it.”

He said that “a lot of times you have a kid that can’t ride a motorcycle” but he said that it was “all about understanding how to use the vehicle”.

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