We can’t help but feel guilty when we’re in the driver’s seat.

But we know we’re responsible, and we want to keep the pressure on.

For the last few years, our defensive school, the Defensive Driving School of New York, has been leading the charge to promote safety in the driving industry.

Our first goal is to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving, and how we can help prevent these tragedies.

But this year’s focus is on two things: improving our safety record, and educating drivers.

What we learned: In a survey of nearly 5,000 drivers, a quarter said they were distracted when they were behind the wheel, and a third said they did it more than once.

We found that the number of times drivers got distracted at the wheel increased every year we conducted our survey.

Driving while distracted is the second leading cause of fatal car crashes, behind speeding, and it’s more common among young drivers than older drivers.

This year we will expand our survey to focus on drivers between the ages of 19 and 25.

In 2018, we also will offer a driving simulator for drivers to practice their driving skills.

We are particularly interested in getting the information out to drivers who may be distracted.

What to do: Learn about distracted driving safety and the dangers it poses to our roadways.

Tell your employer what you learned from the survey and tell them how you can reduce your risk of being distracted.

And please share your research findings with others.

Tell us what you think of our survey, and what you want to see from us in the future.

We want to help make driving safer for everyone.