Friends of a friend who drives a school bus for the University of Utah have found out that the school bus is actually a great place to learn about driving, and the experience is something to take pride in.

According to a story on the University’s Facebook page, the bus has been in service since May, and its driver, Scott H. Olin, has been one of the most sought-after driving instructors in Utah since being hired in March.

In his time on the bus, Olin has learned everything from the basic theory of driving to how to navigate the city’s roads safely.

He also has helped students and faculty get certified in the state of Utah’s Driving School, a requirement for passing the state’s driving tests.

In the story, Olen said that while driving a school vehicle can be fun, the experience of learning how to drive a vehicle is a lot more important to him than his work.

Olen’s work has included assisting students who have been killed or injured on the road, he said.

Olin has been a driving instructor at Friends of Friends School since 2008.

His last driving school was in 2014, and he has since worked at other schools.

He said he learned a lot from driving at the school, and said he hopes to continue working with the school’s students and staff in the future.