A driving school in Maryland has a new car for you this summer, and it’s not an old one.

Maryland driving schools are popping up across the state.

The school will be at the Baltimore Zoo starting on July 18.

They’re all designed to teach people how to drive in Maryland, but they’re also geared toward the average driver.

They’re called affordable driving schools, and they’re all located in places like the Baltimore Sun, WJZ, WLWT, the CBS Baltimore affiliate, the Baltimore News, and other local news outlets.

They are all geared toward people who want to learn how to make better decisions and save more money.

The cost for the car is about $6,400.

But it’s all about how well you drive, how you look at the road, and how you drive in general.

They are all designed around people who have the least money to spend on their cars, said Mark Epps, president of the Maryland Association of Community and Technical College Districts.

They also have a special program for people with disabilities.

If you’re looking to rent a car, they have a program for those who can’t drive, said Epps.

The goal of the program is to help people get out of poverty and get back on their feet.

That’s why the Maryland Driving School offers a $1,500 tuition discount.

You’ll also get a discount on gas.

The discount will be applied to your bill, according to the school’s website.

For a car with a $4,400 price tag, the Maryland school has about a 50-percent chance of winning the competition.

The schools offer a variety of incentives for those that qualify.

The scholarships include:If you qualify, the cost of the car will be $3,000 for a basic model and $4.50 for the standard.

The car will have to be purchased in a dealership in Maryland.

If the car isn’t available, the school will also take a deposit.

The deposit can be paid at any time.

If you’re still deciding whether to buy the car, the price will be reduced by $500 if you purchase the car from a dealership.

You can choose between $500 to purchase a car and $1 to buy a used car.

The latter is a popular option.

The school has several programs available.

They also offer a free car loan.

If the school wins the competition, it will be eligible for $4 million in state grants.

That money will help cover the cost for more scholarships, a new SUV, a fleet of vans, and a new course for people who qualify.

Epps said the school has been around for more than 20 years and has gotten good feedback from people.