— A driving school in the Colorado Rockies has shut down after the video footage surfaced of students failing a field sobriety test.

In the video, which was captured by students at the driving school on a summer day in 2018, a man with a mustache can be seen driving his vehicle with the lights off, according to the Denver Post.

The man is heard yelling at the students, “You’re driving like a maniac, you’re driving drunk, you have to go to the hospital,” according to CBS Denver.

After several students who were sitting in the back seat of the car responded with a series of questions, the man drove off.

When students and police officers confronted the man, he reportedly refused to get out of his vehicle and tried to get in a police car.

Several officers eventually intervened and the man was arrested.

A video posted on YouTube has since been viewed nearly 5 million times.

As of Monday, the video had been viewed more than 7 million times, the Post reported.

According to the report, the students who witnessed the incident have been notified and the incident has been investigated by the Norcal Highway Patrol.