Silverlake, California-based driving school producer Scott Fetterman (pictured in 2016) has been tapped to produce the feature film driving school. 

The film will explore the lives of three members of the driving school: Steve, a recent graduate; Matt, an accomplished former driving instructor; and Matt’s father, Paul. 

Fetterman, who has written and produced films including The Wayward Pines and The Purge, will produce alongside his wife, Sarah, and the director of the documentary, Matt Taylor, as well as production designers John Wollenberg and Tom Kressel. 

It will be Fettermans first film. 

“It’s the most exciting project I’ve ever done,” Fettermen told the Hollywood Reporter. 

‘Silicon Vegas’ writer/director Scott Fenerman (left) will co-producate and direct Silicon valley movie, driving school (right) The drive school, which was created by former instructor and current driving instructor David L. Jones, is the brainchild of Fettermans wife, actress Sarah Fettermeister, and his longtime friend, Steve Lauter. 

They say that driving school was a dream they had when they were in their late teens, and that it inspired them to become involved in the film industry. 

 “When I first started getting involved with filmmaking I never imagined this would be something I’d end up doing in my lifetime,” Fenermen told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement. 

“As a young boy, I was drawn to driving, and I grew up believing that the future of driving is going to be driven by cars, and driving schools have always been a part of my life. 

But I never expected to be the driving instructor in a film.

I’m thrilled to finally be able to share this story with the world.

I can’t wait to tell my story.” 

Fenerman is best known for his role as The Governor on HBO’s The Sopranos, and for his film credits include Atonement, The Dark Knight, and The Master. 

He is also the co-writer and producer of the feature documentary Drive School. 

This will be the second feature-length film to be produced by Fetter-mans company, with the first being The Road Warrior, which premiered at Sundance earlier this year. 

In addition to directing the film, Fetter will also be serving as a consultant to the filmmakers. 

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