A new survey of people in the country’s major cities shows that nearly half of them are still unsure of how to drive.

The survey by India’s government-backed Center for Social Justice found that one in five people in Mumbai and one in six in Bangalore are still clueless about the basics of driving.

The survey, conducted by the India Council of Social Services (ICSS), was conducted on a randomly selected sample of 1,959 people in 17 cities across the country.

More than one in three people surveyed are still uncertain of driving, said the report.

The ICSS survey also found that a third of people are not sure how to navigate roads, such as where to park their car, when to stop for traffic lights and when to turn on their headlights.

The poll also showed that a fifth of the respondents were unsure about whether to drive while carrying a baby.

Almost one in 10 respondents said they do not know what a child’s first words are, the report said.