You’ve heard the term “driving school” before.

It’s a marketing term that describes a training program that helps people learn how to drive a car.

However, what many people don’t realize is that driving school is a huge industry, one that is often funded by corporations that do not disclose their financial ties to them.

That is exactly what is happening at Phoenix Driving Schools.

The Phoenix Driving schools, which opened in May, are a non-profit corporation that claims to offer “the most technologically advanced driving education program in the world.”

The Arizona Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs says the driving school has more than 3,500 students who are all certified to drive vehicles that can go 300 miles per hour.

The company’s website describes the company as a leader in the field of driver education.

“We have developed a comprehensive, comprehensive curriculum for students and the driving instructors that includes advanced computer training, on-demand driving lessons, and hands-on driving sessions,” the company states.

The driving school says its students are able to earn a “certified license” by the end of the first year.

But, how does that compare to the real-world driving skills and knowledge a person would need to actually drive a vehicle?

“I’m going to go through the curriculum in detail, because it’s very technical,” Phoenix Driving school CEO Andrew St. John told ABC News.

“It’s really about the hands-off approach to driving and driving with the passenger behind the wheel, so that is very different than the typical driver’s manual approach that we have.”

The Phoenix driving school program also has a number of requirements that make it different from other driving schools.

St. Johns said that students must pass a test in order to become certified to teach in the Phoenix driving schools program.

And, unlike some driving schools, the Phoenix school does not have an annual fee.

Instead, students pay $3,000 a year for the privilege of being certified.

St Johns said the company has partnered with other schools to offer a wide variety of programs.

One of those programs, called Arizona Driver, was created in partnership with a school that St Johns describes as a “great partner.”

The company said that they are working with Arizona Driver’s driver-assistance program to create an educational program that will allow students to earn “certification.”

The program, which is available through the Arizona Department for Public Safety (DPPS), will provide training to students to take a driving test and then get a license.

“At Phoenix Driving, our driving school graduates have achieved the same level of achievement as drivers of all other driving school programs,” Phoenix School of Driving School President and CEO Matt Kowalski said.

“But, our students are not only learning to drive, they are learning to learn how, and that’s why Phoenix Driving is such a compelling program for our students and our community.”

In addition to being a driving school and having a driving license, the company also has other benefits.

The school has partnered up with the University of Phoenix to provide driver education and test prep courses.

“This program is a great way to teach students about driving and it’s also a great tool to help them prepare for the exam,” Kowalksi said.

As for the cost of driving school tuition, Phoenix Driving says its average tuition is $35,000 per year.

“That’s a lot of money for a driver education program,” KOWALKSI said.

In addition, the school also offers courses to get students to the state’s driver education certification exam, and to get them on the road to becoming licensed drivers.

“You need to know what the test is going to look like and where you’re going to get your license,” Kowealski added.

“There’s a test that’s in Arizona, you can’t get in other states.

And it’s going to take you a lot more time to get there than you’d think.”

The other big perk to the Phoenix School’s program is that students are allowed to drive on public roads, and can do so with others in the same car.

The Arizona Driving School also has its own online learning platform, which allows students to review videos and practice driving in their cars.

The online platform allows students who want to take driving lessons to log in and then review their driving history.

“If you don’t get a car, you don.

We’re not looking for students who’ve never driven before, but if you’ve never been a driver, then you can take a lesson,” St.

John said.

St John said that the Phoenix schools program was one of the most successful in the country.

“I think the Phoenix area is really a leader on driver education,” he said.

For more on Phoenix Driving Education, check out ABC News’ report.