In California, driving schools are being introduced to help improve the safety of drivers.

The state’s DMV says driver school classes are available to any driver who passes a background check and who passes the tests to become a driver.

The first two classes will take place in San Francisco, with the last two to be held in Oakland.

California’s DMV said the schools have a total of 20,000 students.

Drivers who pass the driving school exam and complete their training will be able to drive the next year.

The DMV has posted more details on its website.

Driver schools are free for those 18 and older and can accommodate up to 500 students.

They must be approved by the California DMV, which does not charge drivers a fee for the classes.

Driving school tuition is $50,000 per year and includes instruction in California’s traffic laws, driving principles, and vehicle safety standards.

The DMV is also offering a special scholarship for students.

If a student has already passed the driving academy and meets all other requirements, the scholarship is worth up to $30,000.

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