On Wednesday, CBC News reported that driving school is still under study in Canada.

The study is part of a broader initiative to understand how drivers use their vehicles and their vehicles to travel and interact. 

“It’s really important to look at what is happening in the industry, in terms of technology,” says David Fenton, executive director of the Ontario Society of Motor Vehicle Administrators.

“We’re trying to get to know the drivers.

We want to know if there are any lessons to be learned.”

Fenton says it’s important to understand that most drivers in Canada still have no driver’s education.

“They have no understanding of what it’s like to drive, or to know how to drive safely,” he says. 

It’s not just driving schools, he says, that are struggling to educate drivers.

“The whole thing is, you know, a bunch of different drivers in the car, and they’re trying all kinds of things, and yet it’s not a very safe car to drive,” he said.

“There’s lots of research to be done on how we should educate drivers, how to teach them to drive.

It’s just a lot of work.”

The study has been underway for years, but Fenton says there are some new drivers who have started to learn.

“It is really encouraging to see more and more people that have the opportunity to learn about this technology, so that’s really good for the industry,” he added.

“But it’s really also important to keep an eye on how this technology is being used, because we don’t want drivers to feel like they’re doing it for a pay cheque, that they’re just using this for a hobby or something.

They’re learning it, and we’re trying our best to support them.”

Fletcher says a lot more drivers are learning about their vehicles. 

The survey results are expected to be released in January, with more detailed information about the survey and its findings to be announced later this year.