A bee driver in the northern Indian state of Punjab has been suspended for wearing a headdress to school.

The incident came to light on Monday when the head of a local beekeeper’s association called for a public outcry.

“I am very upset because I do not feel that I have done anything wrong,” said Javed Anwar, a beekeeper from a village in Sangrur district in Punjab.

A police officer in Sangruur, who has been assigned to the case, told the AP news agency that the beekeeper had been fined 50,000 rupees ($8,400) for not having a hat on.

Bees do not have hats, and this is the first time that a bee has been arrested for not being a bee, Anwar said.

Beekeeper Javed says he has no choice but to wear a headdress to school after police threatened him.

Anwar told the local news agency he was going to visit his mother-in-law for tea and a cup of coffee when the officer approached him.

He said he said he had never seen a police officer use the law against him.

“I have never had a case against me in my life.

They can’t do anything to me,” he said.

The Bee Management Society of India (BMSI) is calling for the suspension of the bee driver for five days.

It is not known whether the police will pursue a criminal case against the bee keeper.

Punjab is one of the most conservative states in India, which has a history of unrest.