Royal driving school has launched a new course that is designed to help students gain confidence driving a hybrid vehicle.

Students can take a two-day training course at the Royal Driving School in the US.

The Royal Driving Academy has been a training institution for nearly 50 years.

The academy was founded in 1959 by Sir Roger Moore, a former motor racing driver.

It is the first and only school in the UK to offer the new hybrid driving course.

It is an exciting time for the Royal driving academy.

We are excited to be offering this first course to our students, and we know they will enjoy learning more about their future and the world of motorsport.

The course will include an extensive range of driving instruction including driving on the streets, driving at speed and driving at night, all in the comfort of their own homes.

The course also offers an in-depth look at the different types of hybrid vehicles.

It will introduce the principles of how cars work and how they operate.

Students will also learn how to understand the difference between a normal vehicle and a hybrid, and how to work with the various electronic components of the vehicle to reduce the impact of the vehicles on other road users.

It will also offer the opportunity for students to take part in the RDA test, which is a national driving test designed to evaluate driving ability.