Driving school providers in Florida are offering drivers an opportunity to ditch their jobs in favor of driving for the next big thing.

A new program called Driver School is opening in the Sunshine State and is offering drivers the opportunity to take a drive-through class to learn how to be an effective driver.

Drivers can learn how they can take control of their own vehicle and help others get from point A to point B.

The school will begin accepting drivers in the next few weeks, said Denny Gee, executive director of Driver School.

Driving School’s goal is to give drivers an avenue to become better drivers and help them better understand how to better control their own vehicles, he said.

The course will be taught in a school setting and it will focus on safety and technology, Gee said.

Driver School is an initiative of the Orlando-based company Advanced Driving School.

Gee says it will provide drivers with the opportunity for them to learn skills that they might not be able to learn at a driving school.

“The driving school model is different than most driving schools because we have a lot of training and experience with driving instructors,” Gee told ABC News.

“This is really a pilot program to see what the results are, and what kind of feedback we can get.”

Gee said he is also working with the Florida Department of Transportation to determine how the program can be extended to other states.

The new program, which is being hosted in Miami, is similar to driving schools in other parts of the country.

Florida’s driving school program is the third in the country and the largest.

Gee says drivers can choose from a wide variety of classes, including driving simulator classes, how-to drivers’ guides, driver education courses and online courses.

“We can also offer the online driver education classes, which are designed to be more hands-on than traditional driving classes,” Gees said.

“This is where you can get more hands on instruction, but also get feedback on your vehicle and how it’s behaving.”

Students can earn certificates that can be used to obtain driver licenses and insurance, according to the school.

The certificate can be valid for three years and costs $150.

Students will also receive online courses, including a simulator course and a driver education course.

The Florida Driver School’s website states the courses are designed “to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to be a safe, responsible, responsible driver.”

“You’ll learn how your vehicle behaves in everyday driving situations, such as parking, stopping and passing, and you’ll get to know how the car works,” the website says.

“Each class will also feature a lesson on how to safely navigate traffic and navigate roads in traffic.”

Driver School’s online course is designed to help students “learn how to properly apply and operate their vehicle, manage the vehicle, and drive safely through traffic situations,” the school states.

“In addition, Driver School will provide you with detailed training on safety, including: the basic rules of the road, safety equipment, and how to operate your vehicle safely,” the site says.

The program will also provide “assistance to drivers who are unsure how to apply the knowledge they’ve gained.”

Gees said the school’s goal for the Florida program is to provide drivers “with a way to learn, to have a sense of accomplishment, and to have confidence to take control.”

“We want to give them a platform to help them learn to drive safely,” Gers said.

Gees hopes the program will help the state get “on the map” in the driving education field, but he cautions that it is still in its early stages.

“It’s a pilot.

We’re going to see how it goes,” he said, “but it’s an interesting start.”

The Florida Department for Transportation says driver school courses are “an important part of the safety education system.”