(AP) — Tiger driver Dustin Parnell’s driving school closed down in California after state investigators found he violated state safety rules in the classroom and in a public space.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said Thursday that a security officer at Parnells private school in suburban Sunnyvale found Parnill failed a breathalyzer test on Aug. 28 after the driver said he felt sick and didn’t know how he passed.

The school closed immediately and the sheriff’s department said Parnett was removed from the classroom.

A news release from the sheriff said the school would be closed to students for 48 hours and that Parnetts wife would have to supervise him.

A lawyer for Parnlett, who lives in Los Angeles, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Associated Press was unable to reach Parnel for comment Thursday.

The AP was not able to reach the school or Parnels family.

Sheriff’s officials say Parnitt’s driving course was scheduled to be moved to a different school in the county, but the school’s director did not approve the move.

A news release said Pernell and his wife had planned to have the course moved because Parnolls wife had had “several health issues” in recent months.

Parnell was one of seven students enrolled in a driving school that was supposed to take place at the Sunnyvale facility but was moved to another location after a sheriff’s deputy complained about a lack of staffing.

The Sheriff’s department was also notified about the school and asked to look into the situation.

The Sunnyvale School of the Arts, which is also known as the Tiger Driving School, said the suspension was related to a health concern.

The school did not respond to an AP request for further comment.

Pernell said he has been a driver for almost a decade, has had health issues and has had trouble making the right decisions.